100 Cell High Flow Cat

100 Cell High Flow Cat

The Best Place to Buy a 100 Cell High Flow Cat

Anyone putting together their perfect car wants to incorporate the best possible materials and parts. Aside from a solid suspension, a smooth engine, and an eye-catching exterior, the perfect car needs a well-crafted exhaust system. That calls for a long-lasting exhaust flex pipe to safeguard your engine from rocking and breaking, a muffler to find the perfect hum, the proper alloy for your setup, a 100 cell high flow catalytic converter to clean up your carbon footprint, and everything down to the right nuts, bolts, and flanges.

We understand that sort of quality and dedication at ECS Exhaust, which is why we've chosen to specialize in exhaust parts. We strive to be the only stop you need to make concerning exhaust and exhaust accessories, whether it's to purchase parts for yourself or your own car parts business or to ask for advice or technical details. Over the years, this Australian family business has put together a massive online shop that carries the best Australian brands of exhaust pieces for you to choose from. Our filtering system makes it easy to find what you need, our deliveries are quick and safe, and our experts can help with any doubts. If we've done our job correctly, you'll walk away without a single exhaust-related issue remaining. Read More

What is a 100 Cell High Flow Catalytic Converter?

Basically, a 100 cell high flow catalytic converter drastically cuts down on the toxicity of your vehicle's exhaust emissions. It's no secret that burning fossil fuels produces some harmful stuff as a by-product. A car engine, especially depending on what sort of petrol is used, will produce pollutants and toxins that can damage your health over time and also add to carbon pollution. Unfortunately for us, Australian petrol is particularly toxic and "dirty" by fuel standards, so much so that the government mandates every car on the road have a working catalytic converter. So, when you're working on your car or selling to your customers, it's essential to have these parts.

Through what's called a redox chemical reaction, a catalytic converter can turn the most harmful pollutants into much less dangerous ones. These converted pollutants have much less of an impact on your health and are more environmentally friendly too.

Wide Variety of 100 Cell High Flow Catalytic Converter: Plenty of Options

Are you looking for a diesel 200 cell catalytic converter, or are you looking for a 100 cell high flow cat? You might also want a 400-cell cat. We carry all of these in various sizes, so neither is a problem!

The cell count on a 100 cell high flow cat tells you how well the exhaust will be scrubbed, how many pollutants are being filtered, and how loud the system will be; in other words, the higher the cell number, the quieter and cleaner your exhaust will perform. If you're looking for the most sustainable and smooth setup, and you don't mind a quiet engine, you'll want a 400 cell. On the other hand, if you're looking for the powerful feeling and roar of a sports car, a 200 or 100 cell is more your style.

You can find our stock of all of these by looking in the "Mufflers" section of our navigation bar; you can filter parts by price, type, and brand, with prices starting as low as $96!

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Because we need them so much over here, no one understands catalytic converters like Australian engineers; if you're looking for the most durable, efficient models, ECS Exhaust (leading car exhaust parts online supplier), carries them. Start browsing now!

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We supply every muffler shapes and sizes imaginable including stainless steel exhaust & 304 stainless steel tube just to name a few we supply online in Australia. Read Less

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