Stainless Steel Exhaust Parts

Stainless Steel Exhaust Parts

Our Stainless-Steel Exhausts are Made with High-Quality Materials for High-Quality Parts

If you're looking to customize your car, you want changes that will last; you're looking for parts that are efficient and won't need to be replaced for years to come. When it comes to stainless steel exhaust parts or stainless steel exhaust pipes, you're looking for durable craftsmanship that will eliminate the pollutants from your petrol, give you the purr or the roar you want in the sound of the engine, and protect your entire engine from jostling, breaking, and loud leaks.

Well, you needn't look any further now that you've found ECS Exhaust (leading car exhaust parts online supplier), we've spent years refining our skills and knowledge, taking input from our customers to bring you the only stop you'll ever need to make for exhaust-related modifications, customizations, purchases, and questions. Our website makes it easy to navigate our online store and find the part or accessory you need in the appropriate material, and if you're not sure which part or material that is, we're the best qualified to help you figure that out. Our products are Australian-made, affordable, and reliable. Read More

Why Choose Stainless Steel?

You'll find our stock contains parts in various materials, including mild steel, aluminium, silicone, and stainless steel exhaust. Each one has its merits, but for maximum durability in all kinds of climate and terrain, you'll want to choose stainless steel.

Over time, vehicle emissions are going to corrode your exhaust parts no matter what they're made of. But some will degrade much faster than others, and it all comes down to the metals that make up the alloy being used. Mild steel is vulnerable to rust and corrosion because of its composition, which usually includes a zinc coating. Meanwhile, stainless steel incorporates metals such as nickel and chrome to delay rust for as long as possible, making it the most financially savvy choice long-term.

What Stainless Steel Parts Do We Carry?

By browsing our store, you'll find stainless steel exhaust parts of nearly every kind:

  • Pressed Merge Collectors
  • Mandrel Bends
  • Adapters & Reducers
  • V-Bands
  • Single & Double Couplers
  • Donuts
  • X-Pipe & Tees
  • 316 stainless steel Tubing
  • Exhaust Flanges
  • Straight Tubes
  • And much more!

You can find details and subtypes for each of these parts under the "Stainless Steel" tab of our navigation bar. Many of these are available in different sizes and brands, most of them proudly Australian.

Speedy Shipping and Arrival

We ship as many of our orders as we can on the same day, so if you need to refresh your stock or require a certain part ASAP, ECS Exhaust will get it to you. We handle any customizations to parts you buy as well as packing and readying parts for dispatch, but the delivery itself is handed off to the courier services we've worked with over the years.

Australia Post and Aramex have time and time again shown that they're the best options for both us and our customers, so any package you order will be sent with one of these two couriers. Australia Post delivers nearly anywhere in the country, which is especially useful if you're worried about your location being tough to reach! Meanwhile, if you're the cautious sort and worry about potential mishaps to your order on the way, Aramex offers insurance on your package at checkout.

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We supply every muffler shapes and sizes imaginable including 100 cell high flow cat & 304 stainless steel tube just to name a few we supply online in Australia. Read Less

Stainless steel is another of our popular core material ranges. As with our mild steel products, our stainless steel products are Australian made (except our long leg 201 bends), and possess a 1.6mm wall thickness – exceptions are our 201 long leg stainless bends (1.5mm wall thickness) and our 5” (304/316 stainless) short leg bends which have a 2mm wall.

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