3 Inch Mufflers

3 Inch Mufflers

Trying to Find a Decent 3 Inch Muffler?

Mufflers like the 3 inch mufflers have a reputation amongst car enthusiasts as a bit inhibiting. Without them, your exhaust system would likely develop problems very quickly, and any money you might have spent on tuning up the engine will have been wasted.

But not all mufflers have the same effect on performance. This is where the 3 Inch muffler comes in. Favoured by racers and speed fanatics the world over, these mufflers are famed for their increased throttle response, higher airflow and suitability for cars fitted with a turbo. What's more, they have a beautiful, resonant tone for those who like a car that purrs. Read More

Best 3 Inch Exhaust Mufflers Online: Optimal Design for Turbo Enthusiasts

As a family-owned Australian business, we know what it takes to produce and supply high quality 3 inch mufflers. We've had many years of training and experience in the automotive industry and began as an engine building and reconditioning shop. With the knowledge and precision that has been required to build engines, we have now focused our energies on exhaust parts. This means, for the first time, you can get everything you need to optimise your exhaust in one place!

Our 3 inchers work brilliantly with turbos. Turbos can really boost your engine's performance, and generally speaking, the quicker you can send out the exhaust, the better the performance will be. The range includes a variety of features:

  • Straight-through design

This design is created to optimise airflow instead of passing through the intricate bends and turns used in more conventional mufflers. Instead, the air passes through a mesh of fibreglass or stainless-steel wool or a combination of the two. Many also make use of perforated tubing.

  • Mild or Stainless Steel

3 inch exhaust mufflers take a lot of punishment, so it is critical that they are made from only the best materials. Our mild steel is one of our most popular core materials, chosen for its great quality and durability. The stainless steel we use is perfect for the job as well, almost impervious to the rust and degradation that can affect mufflers over their lifetime.

  • Oval or round shape

Both shapes have their advantages. A round-shaped muffler is structurally very sound, with a lack of straight surfaces meaning that heat or cooling stress is spread out of a wider area. Meanwhile, an oval-shaped muffler is one of the sleekest shapes you can opt for and is also incredibly compact and very useful for cars that sit low down on the road.

At ECS Exhaust (leading car exhaust parts online supplier), we also make use of the 'hot dog muffler' designs in this category. These are small, straight-through designs that are incredibly strong and durable. If you are someone who prefers a bit of resonance to their exhaust, these might be the ones for you!

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We supply every muffler shapes and sizes imaginable including mild steel muffler & 2.5 inch mufflers just to name a few we supply online in Australia. Read Less

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