Mild Steel Mufflers

Mild Steel Mufflers

The Benefits of a Mild Steel Muffler

Some drivers, especially those who favour muscle cars, like to make a loud noise. Some don't see the point in having a high-performance engine without it making itself known. However, these drivers haven't thought about the long-term effect of having such loud engines, and so they are unlikely to spend a great deal of money on mufflers. But such measures are important to retain the longevity of your licence.

Mild steel mufflers are designed to cancel out the most sound your engine can cause. It is true that mufflers can restrict exhaust flow which in turn can slow down your engine. However, a good manufacturer of mufflers will be able to offer you the right product to suit your vehicle.  Read More 

Diverse Set of Muffler System Online

The driving force behind our family-run business is a desire to see high quality, Australian made exhaust parts all available in one place and all at a reasonable price. Our team have many years of experience in the automotive industry, and we know what it takes to manufacture and supply durable, high-performing mild steel mufflers. We won't be beaten on price or quality, but most of all, we have an unrivalled dedication to good service, and we are always keen to collaborate with our customers and supply them with the best information available.

Our muffler range consists of four main types. These are:

  • Oval

This particular kind of sport muffler is structurally very sound. It's a sleek and slick design, developed to be more compact. This can be very useful for vehicles that sit low on the ground.

  • Round

Round mufflers are prized for the deep and resonant sound they produce when installed on your car. Ours come in a range of sizes to suit your exhaust, and our advice is to think carefully about the sound you wish to produce before you choose your size.

  • Hot Dog

These mufflers are straight, small-bodied mufflers designed for strong construction and a smooth sound from the exhaust. They are generally not as quiet as the oval or round muffler, but they do filter out higher frequencies which can cause unpleasant sounds in some elements of your exhaust system.

  • Twin

For those who prefer a high-performance dual exhaust system, these twin exhaust mild steel mufflers are perfect. Twin exhausts can increase exhaust flow and reduce backpressure, which means some of the power you lose using a muffler is regained in the overall flow. Such measures can keep your engine running cooler, improving performance.

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ECS Exhaust (leading car exhaust parts online supplier), are always ready to lend a hand, so if there is something specific you are after for your custom job, just give us a call! We're always contactable by phone between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday, and have a dedicated online messaging service so you can make requests any time, day or night. When you are ready to order, simply fill in our registration form and start adding to your basket. We ship our orders out on the same day the majority of the time, so order now, and your muffler could be on its way to you very soon.

We supply every car exhaust parts imaginable including high flow muffler & sport mufflers just to name a few car exhaust parts we supply in Australia.  Read Less

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