Exhaust Clamp

Exhaust Clamp

Looking for a Highly Durable Exhaust Clamp?

For those who like to customise and recondition their exhaust systems, it is useful to have durable but versatile components which can allow you to recalibrate whenever needed. Unfortunately, in the case of exhaust clamps, vehicles that come straight off the line are often fitted with sub-quality clamps which can corrode and crack, especially with high temperatures. This can lead to the exhaust falling off, which can end up causing damage to your exhaust system.

Whether you are a beginner or professional vehicle engineer, it is wise to get some expert knowledge and access to good quality exhaust clamps when embarking on a new project. You'll need to look for clamps that will fit snugly, resist the damage that high heat can cause, and withstand the high airflow that reconditioned engines generate. Furthermore, you'll benefit from clamps that can be easily disassembled and reassembled as you progress in your project. Read More

Easy-to-Use Custom Car Exhaust Clamps

At ECS Exhaust (leading car exhaust parts online supplier), we believe in making your customisation project work. Starting out as an engine building and reconditioning company, we soon recognised that customising an exhaust could be a tiring job, requiring customers to scour the Internet and sometimes pay extortionate prices for components like clamps. We now focus only on exhaust parts, and you'll find everything you need and more on our site! Furthermore, we are proud to be Australian, family-run, and dedicated to brilliant customer service, fast dispatch time, and unrivalled insights into engine customisation.

Of all our clamps, our range of V-bands is the most popular. Made with our high-performing, durable stainless steel, they are designed to deal with very high heat and very high airflow. Often you will see v-bands on high-end vehicles, as they are developed to create a maximum hold on the pipes and collar pieces they can be used for. Benefits of our V-band clamps include:

They come in a range of sizes, all at highly competitive prices, and are available as sets which can include:

  • Two notched flanges
  • Plated crown nuts that don't melt away like cheap nylon nuts.
  • Various dimensions of clamp, all using 304 stainless steel.

Alongside our range of standard V-camps, we also offer quick-release clamp sets. These are designed for ease of use when working with exhausts and can reduce damage and wear caused by tools. Both standard and quick-release versions are at competitive prices. If you are after a particular size or style,, then please do not hesitate to call us with any requests or queries about what is available, and we'll be very keen to help.

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If you know what you are after, you can order it right now. Our simple registration process only takes a couple of minutes, and then you can start adding things to your basket right away. You'll be pleased to know that the majority of our orders get shipped out on the same day they are placed, so your exhaust clamps could be on their way to you very soon!

We supply every car exhaust parts imaginable including mild steel muffler & sport mufflers just to name a few car exhaust parts we supply in Australia. Read Less

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