Sport Mufflers

Sport Mufflers

Need a Sport Muffler for Your Ride?

Sport mufflers are an important component in keeping your exhaust system in good condition. They keep the noise generated by your engine from shaking components loose or rattling fittings and wearing out the materials holding everything together. That said, they are also somewhat inhibiting when it comes to performance, part of the reason why many drivers complain about them.

Fortunately, there are sport mufflers available that are limited in how they hamper airflow and are designed to keep your engine running at the level you prefer. Such products need proper care and attention, and it is, of course, very important that you buy from a reputable seller or manufacturer with a proven record of excellence. Read More

High-Performance Sports Muffler Components from a Company that Knows!

As a business, our aim has always been to provide the best quality, Australian-made exhaust parts that money can buy. We are a family business based in Australia that has extensive training and knowledge of the automotive industry, with many years of experience in customising and building engines. We now specialise in exhaust components, including sport exhaust mufflers, and we are proud to be the nation's one-stop-shop for your car exhaust parts. Whatever your project, we will always have the right information, the right parts and the right price for your customisation needs. Our mufflers comes in all shapes of sizes, including 3 inch mufflers and 2.5 inch mufflers and high flow mufflers.

Our range of sports exhaust mufflers is built from high-grade mild or stainless steel. We've developed these materials to withstand huge amounts of strain and stress along with the extraordinarily high temperatures that they will have to contend with. Other features of these products include:

  • Oval shape - superbly rendered for maximum aerodynamics and a sleek, attractive aesthetic. This shape is also known to be a much sturdier structure than round or box-shaped mufflers you find on lower-end cars.
  • Straight-through design - this type of muffler does not cancel noise in the same way as others but do augment it, so your engine purrs. They have the added bonus of increasing performance, too.
  • Perforated pipes, wrapped with sound-absorbing fibreglass packing and steel wool, allow a little sound reduction without expending the power gained from the straight-through design.

These mufflers come in a wide range of different sizes, and it is critical that you choose the right one. We'd recommend taking a look through our products and then giving us a call for a chat about your project. We're always keen to talk about our custom designs and what will suit your vehicle best, so call us anytime between 9 and 5 pm, Monday to Friday, for a lowdown on our mufflers.

Best Sport Exhaust Muffler Online: Ready to Ship Today!

ECS Exhaust (leading car exhaust parts online supplier), our ordering process is very simple. Just fill in a few details on our dedication online registration form now, and you can start building your order right away. Once you've checked out, all you need to do is sit back and wait - our team will get right on it!

We generally ship out on the same day the order was placed where possible, so order your muffler now, and it could be on its way to you very soon!

We supply every car exhaust parts imaginable including hotdog muffler & sport mufflers just to name a few car exhaust parts we supply in Australia. Read Less

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