High Flow Mufflers

High Flow Mufflers

Trouble Finding a Good Quality High Flow Muffler?

High flow mufflers can be both a blessing and a curse for drivers who enjoy a well-performing car. On the one hand, they are an important way of keeping the harmful sounds down in your car, but on the other, they seriously impede airflow and can dramatically reduce the performance of your car.

All this being said, we have learned how to get along with them, and that's why the automotive industry has developed the high flow muffler. Unlike some mufflers, these are designed to retain the best airflow from your engine, cancel out some of the more damaging frequencies and give your engine that classic sports car sound that so many drivers covet. Read More

Leading High Performance High Flow Muffler: Durable Materials, Durable Designs

Over the years that ECS Exhaust (leading car exhaust parts online supplier), we've worked on all aspects of engine building and customisation. We know that Australian engineering is the best engineering in the world, and we hold ourselves to that standard when it comes to our high flow mufflers. Our dedication to quality stretches to our service as well, and we won't be beaten on our super quick delivery times either!

The performance high flow mufflers we have on offer are all created from high-grade stainless steel. Performance high flow mufflers can undergo a lot of strain and stress through their lifetimes and be subjected to very intense heat and sometimes moisture. Stainless steel is the perfect material in this instance as it is both incredibly durable and staves off the ill effects of rust that can degrade other materials.

We offer our best high flow mufflers in two shapes:

  • Round Muffler

Suited to a wide range of cars, these round mufflers are incredibly durable and allow for a consistent airflow. The shape means that there are fewer 'straight' sections that may undergo significant stress as they heat up and cool down. For this reason, they are less likely than some mufflers to buckle.

  • Oval Muffler

In the case of oval mufflers, there are a few good reasons they are often seen on sports vehicles. Firstly, they are sleek, tucked right up into the undercarriage of the car out of the way. This means, secondly, they are ideally suited to cars that sit low down on the road. Lastly, they look superb. We also supply hotdog mufflers as well on our online website.

If you want to learn a bit more about how these mufflers achieve their high flow or how our straight-through mufflers with fibreglass packing and steel wool can work with your vehicle, why not give us a call? Our experienced staff are trained in all the ins and outs of exhaust engineering and are ready to take your calls from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.

Best High Flow Muffler in Australia Online: Order Now!

We've made our ordering process as simple as possible. To get started, simply fill out our straightforward registration form, add your item to your basket and check out. You'll be pleased to find that our team ship orders out on the same day whenever possible, so put your order in now, and it will be speeding its way to you very soon!

We supply every muffler shapes and sizes imaginable including 3 inch mufflers & 2.5 inch mufflers just to name a few we supply online in Australia. Read Less

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