Exhaust Flange

Exhaust Flange

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Though they may seem like a very small part of the exhaust, exhaust flanges are incredibly important in keeping your engine running at its best and maintaining safety. When amateur or beginner engineers install the wrong sized flange or connect them improperly, it leaves your engine open to an exhaust leak. This can ruin your engine's performance, but also it can mean potential harm to the occupants of the vehicle, as exhaust fumes are extremely toxic.

However, trying to find the correct exhaust flange can sometimes feel like an endless quest. There are many websites that sell them, but you cannot always be sure of the quality of what you find, and if you are only just starting out in fabrication, you may not entirely know what you are looking for. It is critical, therefore, that when shopping for these components, you buy from someone you can trust. Read More

Wide Variety of Car Exhaust Flanges Online

ECS Exhaust (leading car exhaust parts online supplier), began as an engine building and reconditioning shop that sponsored cars at the Sydney Speedway. Over the years, however, it became apparent that the exhaust part industry was severely lacking one place where people could buy the components. That's when we decided to fill a gap in the markets and now offer the highest quality custom exhaust parts in the country, including exhaust flanges. We are proud to be Australian and proud to offer Australian standard components, along with the knowledge and competitive pricing that discerning Australian customers have come to expect.

We have a fantastic range of exhaust flanges gasket that we can offer you as well as exhaust clamps. Built from both mild steel and stainless steel, they come in a wide array of styles and sizes, all at extremely competitive prices and customised to your needs and requirements. Here are a few samples:

  • 2 Bolt, 3 Bolt, and 4 Bolt Mild Steel Flanges

These flanges are made from our most popular core material. Our mild steel is specifically developed for quality and reliability and features a range of thicknesses, making it durable and long-lasting. Each bolt category has a huge variety of dimensions and bolt centre diameters for you to choose from.

  • 2 Bolt, 3 Bolt, and 4 Bolt Stainless Steel Flanges

Our stainless-steel flanges are also immensely popular. With the amount of heat and steam that can be generated in the exhaust, it is important to recognise the value of stainless steel when it comes to components. Our stainless steel has brilliant resistance to rust, so your exhaust will remain in peak condition for longer. These also come in a huge variety of dimensions and bolts centre diameters.

  • Turbo Manifold Flange Plates

Built from both stainless and mild steel, these turbo plates have been laser cut to connect to a turbocharger. They can come in either tapped or untapped options, with laser-cut steel that is between 10 mm and 12 mm thick.

  • Extractor/Header Flange Plates

These flange plates, known either as extractor or header plates, are made from laser-cut mild steel or stainless steel and can withstand the huge amount of pressure required of them.

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Ordering your flange, or indeed any other components or accessories you are after, could not be easier. Simply fill in a few details on our online registration form and start adding things to your basket! We ship orders on the same day they are placed whenever possible, so order now, and your flange could be with you in days!

We supply every car exhaust parts imaginable including exhaust clamp & sport mufflers just to name a few car exhaust parts we supply in Australia. Read Less

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