About Us

At East Coast Speedworx Exhaust, we are a family owned, proudly Australian business. We strive on a daily basis to improve, expand & better the products and services we offer to you, the consumer. We feel a huge responsibility to bring our customers the best product, at the best price...doing our best to always keep it local.

East Coast Speedworx Exhaust began as an engine building/reconditioning shop. Our founder Greg, has had extensive education and experience in engine building and reconditioning for more than 20 years - including sponsoring cars at the Sydney Speedway.

Building engines is a job that involves a lot of precision, a lot of attention to detail, a lot of patience...and a lot of time.

Over the years it was time that became the issue, and so we looked to shift our direction slightly, and decided to focus on exhaust parts.

That's where our roller coaster journey began!

Starting off with bends, mild steel mandrel bends, aluminium & stainless, we soon realised just how extensive the parts range would need to be if we were to achieve what we wanted to...that is, become a one-stop shop for all exhaust needs.

 We soon expanded to include mild, stainless and alloy tube - then added in flanges, gaskets, mufflers, hotdogs, a whole steam bend and steam pipe range...and way too many more to list!

As the years have gone on we have remained dedicated to listening to our customers for that invaluable insight that only you guys can provide...our range of parts has continued to grow, as has our ability to better service the needs of our customers.

Our goal for the future is to finely tune our day-to-day running of the workshop, utilise the awesome new machines we have purchased & those we have built ourselves in order to develop even more parts, at even more affordable prices for you all...and ensure we're maintaining a high level of customer service every single day.