What Clamps Do I Need to Use for My Car?

Many vehicles no longer require clamps to secure the exhaust system components in place, but if yours does, you want to save time, money, and headaches by choosing the most efficient and durable kind for your car. After all, your exhaust clamp properly secures the part of the car that safely gets rid of toxic fumes, so you don’t want to neglect or overlook it. Many clamps are adjustable according to your car’s specific measurements, but they all do the same thing: they seal your exhaust system in place to make sure each part of that system functions correctly with the others. These pieces, being relatively minor, will often need replacing earlier than major parts. So, which clamp is best for you? How can you tell when yours needs replacing? What are the specs of each type? We’re here to help answer all these questions, so when you hit ECS Exhaust’s extensive online shop, you can be totally sure of your purchase. We have an extensive range of exhaust parts online from 100 cell high flow cat to exhaust rubbers.

The Various Kinds of Clamps

The Band clamp is a popular choice among savvy, experienced car owners. They make the absolute best of the “nothing fancy” approach: They’re extremely affordable, easy to install, leave no damage on the exhaust system, and they can be removed easily during servicing. These clamps consist of a metal band that wraps around the exhaust pipe at the joint and is secured with a bolt. Since these require no welding or cutting to remove, some more mechanically capable car owners could remove these themselves, though we always strongly recommend seeking professionals if you’re not sure what’s going on! A U-Bolt clamp, on the other hand, demonstrates why popular isn’t always good. These clamps are the most common option out there, and they do get the job done, admittedly. A properly functioning U-bolt will secure your system well. However, to function properly, this clamp basically must permanently crush the pipe. If you care about how every part of your car looks, then this sort of setup might bring tears to your eyes. They’re not particularly easy to remove for maintenance either, as the nuts involved in a U-bolt often oxidise or the ends of the u-bolt become damaged which makes it hard to get off. V band clamps are your most high-end option for clamps. These use two metal rings shaped to interlock tightly; those rings are then covered by a third outer ring, which eliminates leaks completely. It also looks sleek and elegant when installed, since the pieces fit together perfectly with minimal need for nuts and bolts. These clamps do require welding to install, which can make removal a bit trickier, but most mechanics agree that these clamps are an excellent option for anyone who can painlessly afford them.

Risks of a Bad Clamp

Remember how a U-bolt crushes its pipe rather than risk looseness? You don’t want an imperfect seal on your exhaust. At best, your vehicle produces far higher emissions; at worst, the fumes could end up inside the car, putting everyone’s health at risk. An improper or poor-quality clamp will also damage other parts of your exhaust over time, which will eventually slap you with a hefty repair bill without your even noticing.

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